3 Ways Desmond Ridder must improve in Atlanta Falcons camp

The biggest concern for Desmond Ridder and the Atlanta Falcons is unquestionably the deep ball
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Atlanta Falcons training camp is underway and for better or worse every Desmond Ridder throw put on tape is garnering an overreaction. Those that are convinced Ridder is nothing more than a backup highlighting the interceptions and mistakes with those convince Desmond is a franchise option doing the opposite.

It is an expected overreaction for a fanbase that has long been used to the stability of Matt Ryan and is facing questions at the position. Ridder was underwhelming in his first four starts though the rookie showed growth and put enough on tape to believe he can develop into a long-term option.

Though this is a fair evaluation in truth what Ridder's ceiling truly is won't be known until we see at least the first half of this season. Desmond has the ability to be a top 10-15 starter but far more talented athletes have failed at the position.

Predicting quarterback development is obviously incredibly difficult. Consider the draft position of the best two quarterbacks we have seen in the last two decades in Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. If talent evaluation was always accurate what would teams have given up to draft either player first overall?

The quarterback position is one incredibly difficult to predict and Desmond Ridder is no different no matter how confident either side might be about his development. With this in mind, let's look at three reasonable goals for Ridder as we near the preseason.