3 Ways Desmond Ridder must improve in Atlanta Falcons camp

The biggest concern for Desmond Ridder and the Atlanta Falcons is unquestionably the deep ball
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3. Desmond Ridder needs to be comfortable consistently being on the move

Though Desmond Ridder should be able to read the field at a far higher level it still should be expected that Ridder is often put on the move as Mariota was. If there was one obvious thing to be improved in Ridder's first four starts with Atlanta it was the need for Desmond to use his legs and force the defense to make decisions.

Ridder is going to be looking to pass far more often than Mariota was, however, he is still capable of hurting teams with his legs and could be used in limited quarterback-designed runs. While teams don't want their quarterbacks taking much contact in camp and the preseason it still is important for Ridder to grow more comfortable using his legs as a weapon to buy time and open up receivers.

Ridder's ceiling as a rusher is close to Mariota's but with a far higher ability as a passer. This is a part of his game that Arthur Smith is going to have to work into the offense and encourage with Ridder obviously being a pass-first quarterback.