3 winners, 3 losers from the Atlanta Falcons' 2024 NFL Draft

Three winners and losers from the Atlanta Falcons' 2024 draft class
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Winner: HC Raheem Morris and DC Jimmy Lake

We all wanted to see the Falcons continue to address their defensive line and boy did they. They took a versatile and toolsy lineman in Ruke Orhorhoro, grabbed a productive edge rusher in Bralen Trice, took another versatile piece in Brandon Dorlus, and then finished it up by taking a depth linebacker and nose tackle in JD Bertrand and Zion Logue.

Sure, they didn't get a first-round addition but Raheem Morris and Jimmy Lake got an overwhelming amount of talent to work with moving forward

Loser: Kirk Cousins' future in Atlanta

The Falcons did what they thought was best by taking Michael Penix Jr. in the first round, and after seeing what has happened these past two years, you cannot blame them.

Kirk Cousins just lost any hope he had of retiring with the Falcons (something he also said when he joined Washington and Minnesota). The Falcons aren't going to wait for Cousins to retire with them before naming Michael Penix Jr. their starter.

While nothing changes for Cousins over the next two years, the outlook beyond that certainly has.