3 Worst contracts on Atlanta Falcons roster heading into 2024 season

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1. Kaleb McGary

The Atlanta Falcons paid Kaleb McGary based on an outlier 2022 season and last year you saw the results of that. Now Atlanta is left hoping that their right tackle is able to find a way to pass-protect consistently. The Falcons cannot escape this contract for another year without a dead cap hit that leaves the obvious move of keeping McGary.

What is so frustrating about Kaleb's level of play is the consistency. There are times that McGary has looked like a franchise player and taking care of the quarterback and being a great run blocker. The very next possession McGary might look as if he put on skates guiding pass rushers into the backfield to disrupt the play.

This contract is made worse by the addition of Kirk Cousins. You now have a quarterback that isn't going to be able to escape the pressure that McGary allows. It puts more pressure on the right tackle to live up to his contract and improve in the 2024 offseason.

Whether it is a draft pick or a veteran expect plenty of competition in the camp and the preseason. The Falcons need to keep Cousins healthy and that could mean an overpaid starter getting benched.