3 Worst moves of the Atlanta Falcons 2023 off-season

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Overall there is littel question that this off-season was a huge success for the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith, and Terry Fontenot. Atlanta greatly improved their defense and built a solid offensive core around Desmond Ridder.

Atlanta's best moves in free agency were made on the defensive side adding pass rushers and much-needed size to the interior. Grady Jarrett has the most help the defensive lineman has had throughout his career setting the underrated Jarrett up for a huge season.

Adding to the coaching staff and building a great offensive line are worth noting as well giving Atlanta a clearly improved coaching staff and run blocking unit.

The Falcons' off-season has clearly put the team in the driver's seat in the NFC South and should result in their first playoff berth since the 2017 season. Adding Jessie Bates, Jeff Okudah, Mike Hughes, and Jonnu Smith all stand out as clear high-impact moves as well for a team that swung big in free agency and the draft while taking very little future risk.

Atlanta's off-season was great and clearly deserves a lot of praise. However, no team is perfect leaving us to break down three ways the Falcons could have been slightly better in what was a great off-season.