3 Worst moves of the Atlanta Falcons 2023 off-season

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1. Desmond Ridder still lacks a second option at receiver

The obvious argument here is that the Falcons add Bijan Robinson and Jonnu Smith as receiving options while also getting Kyle Pitts back healthy. However, there is still a reason to believe Atlanta should have done more at the receiver position.

Each of Arthur Smith's three seasons as the Atlanta head coach the team has struggled to add a clear second option. This off-season the team clearly now has a number one in Drake London but after London what can Atlanta rely on?

Mack Hollins is an interesting potential fit as are Jared Bernhardt and Scotty Miller, however, none of these three players are close to proven. Hollins fits what Smith wants in a receiver in size and blocking ability but hasn't put two good seasons together in the league as of yet.

Miller is a great speed option but not a starter and Bernhardt is a development project. Atlanta's depth chart at receiver is as wide-open as any team in recent memory and shows a continued lack of moves at the position. How hard would it have been to sign an aging veteran to add depth? Perhaps Atlanta will remedy this with a long summer ahead of us but for now, this is by far the weakest spot on the roster.