3 Worst moves of the Atlanta Falcons 2023 off-season

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2. Keeping Feleipe Franks on the roster

The fact that this makes the list speaks to the strong off-season Atlanta had and the continued mystery of Atlanta keeping a player that brings very little value. Bryan Edwards is a great example of how Arthur Smith handles players for the most part adding Edwards the previous off-season the team was thought to have acquired their second receiver.

Despite spending a draft pick for the receiver when Edwards didn't click with a quarterback in Marcus Mariota that badly struggled passing the ball Smith cut Edwards and moved on. The Falcons have shown that they are willing to quickly move on from a player if they don't provide obvious value.

So why is Franks still on the Atlanta Falcons roster? The former quarterback clearly isn't an option as a quarterback or running the wildcat, a failed venture at tight-end didn't go well leaving Franks only option at contributing on special teams.

While special teams are often very underrated in this case it isn't outside the box to think Atlanta could add a better special teams player that could provide better depth or impact at another position. It has been clear Atlanta has needed to cut Franks and yet the team continues to waste a roster spot on a player that doesn't contribute to winning.