3 Worst moves of the Atlanta Falcons 2023 off-season

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This move has nothing to do with the Atlanta off-season again pointing out what a great job Fontenot has done this off-season. However, arguably the most frustrating part of Atlanta's off-season was the way the team was covered and the discussion surrounding the team.

Despite it being clear to anyone paying close attention that Lamar Jackson wasn't leaving Baltimore and the Falcons were moving forward with Ridder Atlanta took heat for failing to make a move for Lamar or another starter.

Ridder was dismissed and the Falcons were treated as a team looking to lose missing the obvious that the Falcons were following a different path not overpaying for a quarterback but looking to build a complete roster. Atlanta has built a roster that can win whether or not their quarterback is a star or even a long-term starting option.

This is a very basic approach to understand and one that San Francisco and Philly have been praised for. That wasn't the case for Atlanta who was given heat for failing to go after players that clearly didn't fit into a plan that has the Falcons sitting as the clear NFC South favorites.