3 Worst rumors of the Atlanta Falcons off-season

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1. Atlanta "failed" to chase Lamar Jackson

Both this site and others that cover the Falcons pointed out from the start of the Lamar Jackson "rumors" the quarterback wasn't leaving Baltimore. This was obvious to anyone that understood the franchise tag placed on Jackson and paid attention to Baltimore's cap space and what the team had built.

Being able to negotiate with Jackson only gave teams the chance to do Baltimore's work for them with the team able to match any contracts offered. Despite all of this the Falcons were roasted for failing to chase Lamar with takes going so far as to suggest Atlanta didn't care about winning.

This rumor was always lazy and didn't paint the full picture of what was happening both with the Falcons and in Baltimore. Apologies are owed to an Atlanta Falcons front office and fanbase that still have to be a little salty about how this situation was handled.

Instead of talking about the great moves Fontenot made for Atlanta this off-season the focus for much of sports media was the one move they didn't make. One that never made sense for a team clearly aware they weren't landing Lamar Jackson.