3 Worst rumors of the Atlanta Falcons off-season

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2. Atlanta chased a worse quarterback in Deshaun Watson but refuse to chase Lamar

The second worst story of the Atlanta's off-season was attached to Lamar as well with the spin that Atlanta was all in on Deshaun but failing with Lamar. Everything about the way Atlanta handled the Deshaun Watson situation was regrettable and a move the Falcons should never have considered making.

It wasn't the time to go all in for a quarterback and chasing one with Watson's off-the-field concerns was a major mistake. One that Atlanta almost paid for if not for the Browns being willing to give Watson a historic contract.

Even if you ignore all the reasons Atlanta should have never been interested in Deshaun the situation wasn't close to the same as Lamar's from a football perspective. Houston was clearly sending Watson to the highest bidder looking to move on and reset their franchise.

Baltimore on the other hand, simply wanted to make amends with Lamar without dealing out the historic contract Jackson likely wanted. Add in the fact that there was already a franchise tag on Jackson giving Baltimore almost complete control and there is zero comparison between one of Atlanta's worst decision and one that isn't there to be made.