3 Worst rumors of the Atlanta Falcons off-season

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3. Arthur Smith and Ryan Tannehill should reunite

The quarterback position gets a lot of focus in the NFL off-season and that is understandable. However, once the Falcons made it clear they were moving forward with Desmond Ridder there was zero understanding of this from much of sports media.

Quarterback draft suggestions (Will Levis) and possible trade or free agent fits continued to be thrown out despite Ridder locking up the starting job. Among these rumors among the more irritating and consistent was Atlanta being linked to current Titans starter Ryan Tannehill.

The lack of understanding that the Falcons aren't going to jettison a historically more successful and far better quarterback in Matt Ryan turn to Smith's former starter Mariota only to bench him for a younger starter and next off-season chase Tannehill.

Atlanta's current coaching staff and front office is attempting to sell the idea of a team and quarterback that can help carry Atlanta into contention long-term. Getting rid of Matt Ryan and Marcus Mariota only to turn to another short-term option makes zero sense and would be a huge red flag for this coaching staff and the front office.