4 Atlanta Falcons 2023 opponents who got worse this off-season

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3. Arizona Cardinals

Two years ago Arizona was considered a fun team with Kyler Murray flying around the field throwing bombs to DeAndre Hopkins with regularity. Two seasons and injuries later and Murray hasn't lived up to his contract and will miss much if not all of the 2023 season. The Cardinals at this point appear to be the worst team in the league.

Losing a number of key players and making it known they want to move on from DeAndre Hopkins. While no NFL win is ever going to be easy there isn't a softer spot on the schedule for Atlanta than playing the Cardinals.

With a rookie head coach and likely without their franchise quarterback this will be penciled in as a win when making pre-season projections against a team that will compete to be the worst roster in the league. What have the Cardinals done this off-season to give any indication this is anything but a lost season for the franchise?

With questions still remaining about Kyler Murray but no ability to move on with the injury the Cardinals are likely to land a top-two draft pick and become an easy win for teams that are fortunate enough to have Arizona on the schedule.