4 Atlanta Falcons 2023 opponents who got worse this off-season

New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr
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4. Indianapolis Colts

Another off-season and another year full of questions at quarterback after the team failed with Matt Ryan at the helm. It is obvious there are issues on this roster much deeper than just the quarterback position and the Colts have done little to fix these obvious issues. It is hard as a Colts fan to get excited about the direction of the team this off-season.

With two teams ahead of them likely to take a quarterback the Colts are stuck with whoever the two teams ahead of them have deemed the third-best option. Leaving Indy hoping the teams in front of them make a mistake with the most likely path being Will Levis or Anthony Richardson heading to Indy.

Two mistake-prone quarterbacks on an offense with an inconsistent offensive line and in clear need of a number one target. It is hard to regress from a team that lands a top-five pick but the Colts might do just that. Subtracting Matt Ryan's wins from Indy leaves the team counting on a rookie or Nick Foles. Neither option is terribly appealing and much like Arizona should leave the Colts with only one thing in mind in the 2023 season landing the best possible draft pick in a superior 2024 quarterback draft class.