4 Atlanta Falcons additions in danger of being underrated this offseason

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns
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1. Darnell Mooney

A lot of the Atlanta Falcons headlines on offense have been about Kirk Cousins. This is completely understandable considering the quarterback play over the last three seasons. Adding Cousins changed the franchise and was the biggest addition of the offseason.

Lost in that, however, is just how great Mooney could be for this team. Mooney is currently expected to be the second receiver but likely the fourth weapon behind Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts. While the stats won't jump out at you if you turn on a Chicago game and watch the reasons why Mooney's numbers aren't better are clear.

Justin Fields led an offense that didn't always make the right plays. Often Mooney was open and simply missed or the Bears were focused on running the ball. Mooney isn't a great receiver but he is a good option that should thrive in a good passing offense with a capable quarterback.

Give Terry Fontenot credit for finally going out and adding a capable second option. Something the Falcons really haven't had since Julio Jones was traded to the Titans. Atlanta's improvement at receiver is going to show up with Zac Robinson's offensive system making the position far more important.