4 Atlanta Falcons additions in danger of being underrated this offseason

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2. Grady Jarrett

Let's set aside the final games of the year for this defense that had clearly let go of the rope. Ryan Nielsen and Arthur Smith needed to leave after the final two games that watched the franchise get blown out by the Bears and Saints. Forget these two games and consider what the defense accomplished.

Despite still lacking a great pass rusher they consistently found ways to get to the quarterback. While this still needs to be improved it was at a much higher rate. Look at how often the defense gave Desmond Ridder and a clueless offense a chance to go out and win.

In one of the most important games of the year against Carolina, the defense showed up and the offense still couldn't find a way to get the needed 14 points. All of this was accomplished without your best player in Grady Jarrett.

The lack of defensive additions can be explained by two simple things. First, you have Kirk Cousins who is going to make your defense far better by allowing them to consistently spend time on the bench. This is something they couldn't do last season.

The second is the fact that you will be getting back Grady Jarrett. Jarrett spent the majority of the season dealing with an injury. With the additions of Cousins and Jarrett, how much better can this unit be?