4 Atlanta Falcons dealing with high expectations in 2023 season

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3. Bijan Robinson

The fact that Bijan Robinson is yet to take an NFL snap and is just expected to be great in year one and projected as a top ten running back by many speaks to his talent. Robinson is clearly an upgrade over Tyler Allgeier despite Tyler rushing for over 1,000 yards in his rookie season. Bijan is an elite receiver for a back and clearly is going to be a unique weapon in Smith's offense.

Living up to the pressure shouldn't be a problem for Bijan but it is important to note the lofty expectations for the rookie running back. Drafting Bijan in the top ten garnered a myriad of reactions considering his position and the short shelf life backs usually have in this league.

Robinson's impact is expected to be instant as a top-ten rusher and a great option for Ridder out of the backfield. None of these expectations are unfair considering Bijan's ability and the perfect fit within Arthur Smith's system.

This isn't to question the decision or the impact Robinson is expected to have but rather to point out the lofty expectations the rookie is dealing with from the first snap.