4 Atlanta Falcons facing a fight for new deals in 2024

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1. A.J. Terrell

It wouldn't be shocking to see the Atlanta Falcons opt to extend A.J. before the season starts. However, considering the injury history and up-and-down production levels it wouldn't be a terrible idea to wait one more season.

Atlanta's secondary is relying on Clark Phillips and Dee Alford both to take steps forward. Ignoring the position this offseason was one of the bigger surprises for Atlanta. There is a lot of pressure and expectations now placed on Terrell to always carry the bulk of the responsibility.

Allow Terrell the chance to show how he handles this pressure, and prove he can stay on the field. Terrell is a great starter but has fluctuated between a great starter and one of the best corners in the league. If Terrell wants to be paid as a top corner Atlanta needs to see another complete season of playing at this level.

Letting Terrell play it out does create the chance you lose the veteran, however. There is an argument to be made the Falcons would be wiser to go ahead and extend Terrell before the season begins. Considering how careful Terry Fontenot is handing out extensions letting the corner play it out wouldn't be surprising.