4 Atlanta Falcons facing a fight for new deals in 2024

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4. Mike Hughes

Another veteran who n all honesty should have been cut this offseason. There are still upgrades Atlanta could make sitting in free agency. Sticking with both Hughes and Carter is odd. Perhaps Atlanta is simply waiting until preseason cuts and will determine both of their futures.

Even if that is the case it is still odd not looking to upgrade either position. Atlanta's failure serves as opportunity for both Hughes and Carter. Hughes is going to have a shot at cracking the rotation with the largely unproven Clark Phillips and Dee Alford fighting for starting roles as well.

Hughes' debut season with Atlanta was underwhelming at best. Despite this, Hughes has stuck around and will look to make his case he is deserving of a new deal. Atlanta's current corner depth chart projects as follows, A.J. Terrell, Clark Phillips, Dee Alford, and Mike Hughes.

Whether through improved performance or injury the veteran is going to get an opportunity if he remains on the roster.