4 Atlanta Falcons games that will be given the most attention in 2024 schedule

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Week 1 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Atlanta Falcons

This game is obvious in its importance to both sides to start the season. If you're Atlanta you know that you have a tough road ahead with the Eagles and Chiefs both around the corner. For the Steelers, you look at the finish to the year and understand how important week one could prove to be later in the year.

The Steelers close out the year with arguably the most brutal schedule in the league. Mike Tomlin's winning season streak is in great jeopardy if he doesn't have an incredible start. That is going to be tough to do with Arthur Smith as your OC and an aged Russell Wilson as your starting quarterback.

Which brings us to the reason that this game is going to catch so many headlines. You have the obvious story of Arthur Smith vs. Atlanta and two quarterbacks debuting for their new teams. This game is important to help set the stage for Atlanta in far tougher matchups ahead and to earn them a bit of credibility going into those games.

If Kirk Cousins struggles in this game against a good Pittsburgh defense get yourself ready for the quarterback debate to heat up even more with prime-time games ahead.