4 Atlanta Falcons games that will be given the most attention in 2024 schedule

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Week 9 Dallas Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons

Another brand that gets a healthy amount of hate among fans that is great for the league. With a constantly talking owner and a nauseating amount of airtime, the Cowboys are an easy team to dislike if you are almost any other fanbase. However, much like the Chiefs the Cowboys are great for the league and are going to bring a healthy amount of media attention to Atlanta in week nine.

How Atlanta's first eight weeks go will determine how much attention this game is going to be given. With the Cowboys involved it is going to be a headline no matter Atlanta's fate. However, if the Falcons can put together a .500 record or better in a tough early season stretch this game has the ability to set the tone for the second half and announce the Falcons as NFC contenders.

Everything that happens in the regular season with Dallas swings the perception of the NFC and the team wildly. Atlanta can benefit from that if a shaky secondary can find a way to slow down Dak Prescott in week nine.