4 Atlanta Falcons games that will be given the most attention in 2024 schedule

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Week 14 Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings

This game is going to start a stretch that likely will determine the Atlanta season. The Falcons have a tough early schedule but if they survive you finish the year against the Vikings, Raiders, Commanders, Giants, and Panthers. It doesn't get any easier in this league than five teams who all have quarterback issues and are expected to be playing for top draft picks.

Why this game makes the list is simply due to Atlanta's quarterback returning to the Vikings for the first time. Kirk Cousins is going to be given a lot of attention returning to the city that he left in free agency.

The Vikings are likely going to be out of the race at this point or looking at attempting to make a run at the last wildcard spot. Still, the story is going to be about Kirk Cousins and how he deals with the emotions of returning to a franchise that had been home.

How Cousins season has gone and how he plays in this game will be put under a microscope as well heading into this game. With Michael Penix Jr. sitting behind him and J.J. McCarthy or Sam Darnold the Vikings' next answer this week will have no shortage of storylines.