4 Atlanta Falcons in a far better situations heading into 2024 season

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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1. Kyle Pitts

Much is made of the lack of production from the Atlanta Falcons tight-end and who they could have drafted instead. Not enough attention is paid to what Pitts has done at an NFL level in less-than-ideal circumstances. After coming into his rookie year with veteran Matt Ryan and getting close to the rookie receiving record Pitts took a huge step back and dealt with a season-ending injury.

Pitts put up 356-receiving yards and 667-yards the following two seasons with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder as his primary quarterbacks. Give Pitts massive credit for not allowing frustration at the situation to show and playing when he wasn't fully back to himself in the 2023 season.

Kyle Pitts is an elite weapon who was put in a bad situation by his head coach and quarterbacks. That isn't to say there aren't areas the tight-end can't improve but rather pointing out the reality of a star player that was often an afterthought to lesser talents. His willingness to improve as a blocker and not demand the football speaks to the teammate and player that he is.

That is going to pay off this season with a capable offensive coordinator and a veteran quarterback who will look for the biggest target on the field.