4 Atlanta Falcons in a far better situations heading into 2024 season

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3. Grady Jarrett

Yes, the Atlanta Falcons put Grady Jarrett in a better situation in the 2023 season improving the defensive line. However, that unit has gotten even deeper and still has a great starter opposite Jarrett in David Onyemata. This is the most help that Jarrett has ever been given throughout his career. Perhaps the talent at pass rusher isn't there but the defensive line depth and rotation is going to be the strongest of his career.

Jarrett's impact on this unit remains high a decade into his career. You watched the drop off from the unit after Jarrett suffered a season-ending injury. The defensive production and pass rush took steps back without the defensive leader.

While a season-ending injury is never a good thing at least it happened early in the season and offered Jarrett the chance of a long runway to be ready for 2024. The defensive lineman is a leader and team heartbeat that was badly missed.

Atlanta's offensive upgrades are huge for Jarrett as well offering the defense the least amount of pressure since Matt Ryan and Julio Jones left the team.