4 Atlanta Falcons in a far better situations heading into 2024 season

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Kirk Cousins

Despite the suggestion that Kirk Cousins left the Vikings due to quarterback concerns let's be honest here. Kirk Cousins goes where the money is and gets the most out of every chance he has to hit the market. This is in no way to suggest any disrespect at this strategy. The veteran is doing everything he can to set his children and family up for life. That is all any parent can ask for and this being Kirk's priority isn't in any way wrong.

However, with that comes heavy expectations as we watched in both Washington and Minnesota. Now those same expectations are going to follow Cousins to Atlanta and could grow even louder with Michael Penix Jr. on the bench.

Despite this and losing Justin Jefferson, Kirk Cousins is in a far better position. He joins a division that is far worse, with deeper weapons, a better offensive line, and more young defensive talent. This is a better situation for Cousins and offers him the chance to be in a situation with far more achievable expectations.

While Atlanta lacks the elite talent that is Jefferson the combination of Mooney, London, Robinson, Allgeier, and Pitts are far deeper than what the Vikings offered. No matter how the Falcons have handled the quarterback position this is a better situation for Kirk Cousins.