4 Atlanta Falcons playing for a contract in the 2023 season

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4. Mack Hollins

Mack Hollins was an interesting addition this off-season as Atlanta's only answer to a lack of depth at receiver. Scotty Miller could prove to be a decent third or fourth option but clearly isn't a starter in Atlanta's offense. Hollins will be looked to as the forgotten target that needs to step up with Patterson, London, and Pitts being the focus of the opposing defense.

Hollins is coming off of a career season and the only season of consistent production in his career. On a one-year deal with only 1,440 receiving yards, this season will be the pendulum that swings Mack's career in one direction or the other.

Was last season the outlier and simply a product of being a part of an offense with great targets or a signal of things to come for the receiver? The answer to that question not only has huge implications for Hollins and his career but the Atlanta offense in the 2023 season.

Yes, the Falcons have a myriad of weapons but very little depth at pass catcher. Hollins stepping up and producing at the level he did last season or better solves this issue making Atlanta's offense that much more dangerous and setting Hollins up for a payday in the 2024 off-season.