4 Atlanta Falcons set for reduced roles in 2023

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1. Tyler Allgeier

Bijan Robinson is a more talented and well-rounded back than Tyler Allgeier it is really that simple. Allgeier rushed for over 1,000 yards in his rookie season and helped to fuel an Atlanta offense that struggled to pass the ball.

Part of what makes Allgeier so impressive is the fact that the rookie didn't show any signs of tiring as the season wore on seemingly getting stronger each week. Allgeier runs with a ferocity that isn't going to be replaced and will consistently be getting carries in the Atlanta offense.

However, the addition of Robinson and starting a capable passer in Ridder is going to cause Tyler to take a step back from last year's production levels. Expecting the running back to play a consistent role and be a short-yardage weapon while Robinson takes the bulk of the snaps.

One way the Falcons could opt to have Allgeier in the lineup more often is by using Patterson at receiver keeping the veteran on the field with Robinson and Allgeier sharing time in the backfield. Regardless of how Atlanta decides to handle carries it is clear that Tyler's role is going to be lessened something that will help his career and perhaps the Falcons long term.