4 Atlanta Falcons set for reduced roles in 2023

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4. Feleipe Franks

Feleipe Franks was a third option at quarterback and Atlanta's depth tight end last season making a handful of appearances without a positive play yet again. Franks' time with the Falcons has to be coming to an end clearly whatever he brings to this roster isn't on the field with average special teams play and no contributions to the offense.

Unlike the rest of the players on this list, Franks should be given a lesser role and that is as a practice squad player or Atlanta moving on completely. Franks isn't talented enough to take up a roster spot that could be given to a player with a far better chance to contribute.

Atlanta has plenty of fringe roster players that would be better projects than the former quarterback who can't seem to play any position at a contributing level. Keeping Franks on the roster while you were building the team was odd but at least explainable.

Now with Atlanta making a move to contend Franks needs to be on the practice squad or moved off of the roster completely.