4 Atlanta Falcons that could be playing their final games with the franchise

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Calais Campbell

The Atlanta Falcons defense has taken a huge step forward this season and the leadership and contributions of Campbell cannot be overstated. The veteran is still playing at an extremely high level and has more than earned another contract if he is willing to return for another season. The biggest concern here is if Calais returns will he opt to pick a more obvious Super Bowl contender or be content to return to Atlanta?

Calais is such a smart interior player who does so much to set up the players around him. While the box scores may look impressive for someone of his age they don't tell the full story. So often Campbell forces a play back to his help or pushes the quarterback out of the pocket to accelerate a play. Calais is still a great player and will have plenty of interest around the league if he doesn't retire.

Overall Fontenot has done a great job at locking up Atlanta's talent and limiting the impact free agents the team could lose. With their best players all under contract and cap space the Falcons have the ability to bring back anyone while chasing one or two of this year's top free agents.