4 Atlanta Falcons veterans that could lose their job after the draft

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2. Taylor Heinicke

Yes, it seems that Heinicke is safe on this roster, for now. However, if the Falcons get the chance to draft Michael Penix Jr. that could change quickly. Cutting Heinicke would have saved the Falcons $7-million in cap space. That was more than enough to add a player that would play a role on this team not simply hold a clipboard on the sideline.

Heinicke is a good story and has been a good player but was underwhelming in Atlanta last season. If the Falcons get a chance to draft a quarterback that could be their future there shouldn't be any hesitation.

With teams now allowed to carry three quarterbacks with only two counting for roster spots perhaps Heinicke keeps his job even if the Falcons draft Penix. However, it would be far less murky to draft Penix, cut Heinicke, and bring in a cheaper veteran to serve as your third quarterback.

No matter your perspective on Heinicke the veteran's footing in Atlanta is tenuous at best. Whether it is in camp or after the draft it wouldn't be shocking to see him moved in favor of a younger or cheaper option. Kirk Cousins' history suggests the backup isn't going to see the field.