4 Atlanta Falcons veterans that could lose their job after the draft

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3. Kaleb McGary

The way that Kaleb McGary's contract is structured this team is going into the year knowing he is going to be a part of their starting roster. However, if given the chance in the draft the team will look to add a capable starter or at the very least more depth.

McGary has been a mess in pass protection for a mobile quarterback. Kirk Cousins is better than Desmond Ridder in almost every way minus his ability to escape the pocket. Under Zac Robinson, the team is going to need reliable pass protection far more often. Is McGary going to be capable of giving that?

If the 2022 version of the right tackle shows up this team is going to be okay. If it is more of what we saw last season it wouldn't be at all surprising to see him lose his job to a rookie and ride the bench for the rest of the season.

McGary is the one bad contract currently on this roster and that could change with a strong season. All of the pressure is on for the right tackle who is likely playing for his job in the early weeks of the season.