4 Atlanta Falcons who aren't given the respect they deserve

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1. Matthew Bergeron

The Atlanta Falcons' offensive line is expected to be one of the best units in the league. Outside of Kaleb McGary, every starter is coming into the season without any concerns or question marks. As part of a strong offensive line, the left guard doesn't get nearly the credit that he deserves.

Jake Matthews is the established veteran who is the most recognizable name in the unit. While Chris Lindstrom is arguably the best at this position and garners the most headlines. Bergeron's great debut season is often overlooked due to what was going on around him.

Whether it was the head coach or quarterback debate, there was a lot going on with the 2023 Atlanta offense. If the offensive line was being talked about in a positive light it was Matthews or Lindstrom being given the bulk of the attention. Any struggles from the line and Kaleb McGary was the topic of discussion among many Atlanta fans.

Bergeron stepped in year one and established himself as a good starter and a player who should be projected to improve. His contributions to the team went largely overlooked and should be appreciated heading into year two for the left guard.