4 Atlanta Falcons who aren't given the respect they deserve

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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3. Grady Jarrett

Few outside of Atlanta truly understand the impact and greatness of Grady Jarrett. The most tangible way to look at the impact is looking at the defense last season before and after losing their veteran leader. So much of what Jarrett does every week doesn't show up in box scores.

While pundits can't be blamed for sparing themselves the torture of watching Atlanta over the past few seasons it does leave Jarrett underrated. The amount of double teams that Grady is forced to fight through or blocks he demands to open chances for others to jump off the screen.

Grady Jarrett is the only thing about this Atlanta defense you can continually rely on. What other player has shown up with his level of consistent production? This is part of the problem with landing spots and judging players historically based on stats alone.

Jarrett's legacy outside of Atlanta isn't going to fit the player who has shown up for the last decade. The lack of pass rushers and inside help have altered how his career could have been viewed. Jarrett deserves to be shown more respect and is arguably among the most underrated defenders in the league.