4 Atlanta Falcons who aren't given the respect they deserve

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4. Kirk Cousins

Yes, Kirk Cousins is in year one and has yet to take a meaningful snap with the Falcons. Still, the quarterback deserves a spot on this list based on how sports media has handled his career. Cousins is an easy target when you consider his time in the league and lack of playoff wins.

Quarterback wins seem to be a reliable stat only situationally without needed context rarely provided. Cousins is 24th in league history in passing yardage and 20th in all-time passing touchdowns. This isn't simply in the last decade but in the history of the league.

Cousins isn't Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson, however, he has consistently been a good franchise quarterback in this league. Whether with Washington or Minnesota, the level of production is consistent.

Rarely playing with a capable defense and consistently changing weapons aren't factored into the veteran's career. It is far easier to simply put up the postseason record along with prime-time games and continue this narrative. It sells better than pointing out the fact Cousins has rarely been on a team that had a true chance of making the playoffs as a threat.

Kirk Cousins isn't among the league's elite at his position, but the coverage hasn't been equal to the veteran's production and talent.