4 Atlanta Falcons who will be fighting for their jobs in 2024

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
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1. Kirk Cousins

Yes, the Atlanta Falcons signed Kirk Cousins to a four-year deal, however, this doesn't take any pressure off the quarterback. The first two years of the deal are all but locked in when you look at the money. After that Atlanta's options are a bit more open with year three of the contract being somewhat easy to move on from and year four completely open for the Falcons to move on.

With this in mind, the pressure is still on for Cousins and the Atlanta offense. If Kirk goes out and takes a step back in production or struggles the calls for Michael Penix Jr. are going to grow loud. This isn't to say that this is right or wrong or Penix would be a better option but pointing out the obvious of what will happen if Cousins isn't in top form.

There is a world in which the Falcons talk themselves into swallowing the giant dead cap hit in year two of the contract if Cousins struggles and Penix looks great. It is going to have to be overwhelmingly bad for Cousins but it is on the table. Atlanta bringing in Penix changes the expectations and pressure on Kirk Cousins.