4 Atlanta Falcons who will be fighting for their jobs in 2024

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3. Taylor Heinicke

The Atlanta Falcons are in a bit of an odd situation with Taylor Heinicke. The quarterback was the most obvious of cuts going into the offseason saving the team right around $7-million against the cap. However, the team opted to keep the veteran quarterback and re-work his contract. This was a surprise considering what Heinicke put on the field in the 2023 season.

Yes, Arthur Smith was a huge part of the problem but that doesn't excuse the missed throws or turnovers from Heinicke. Opting to keep the veteran appeared to be based on what he brought to the locker room and how highly the front office thought of him.

Does this change now that Michael Penix Jr. is on the roster? Taylor Heinicke was a solid starting option at times in Washington and went toe-to-toe with Tom Brady in a playoff game. His experience and reputation at least demand a backup job in this league.

Will Heinicke be content with the emergency quarterback role? Or could the Falcons put Penix in this role? No matter the answers it is clear that Taylor's position on this team is a bit of a concern with two far more interesting starting options ahead of him.