4 Atlanta Falcons who will be fighting for their jobs in 2024

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4. Grady Jarrett

This might seem like a surprise inclusion but bear with the reasoning for a moment. Grady Jarrett has been the heart of this team for much of the last decade. Surrounded by chaos the one player you could always count on to show up for this defense was Jarrett. The veteran is one of the most underrated players in the league and deserves immense respect.

With that said, you have a player with a top-three cap hit on your roster that just spent the majority of last season rehabbing. Players rarely get better a decade into their career playing one of the most demanding positions.

Look at all the moves Atlanta has made along the defensive line and consider the cap space they could free up by moving off Jarrett. This isn't at all to say that would be a wise move but pointing out the reality of the cap and the stage of the veteran's career.

It wouldn't be shocking to see the team move on if Jarrett doesn't return to form or deals with another serious injury in the 2024 season. Grady Jarrett is a player to keep a close eye on throughout the year considering the cap and age of the veteran.