4 Best fits at receiver left for the Atlanta Falcons

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DeAndre Hopkins
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1. DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins remains the top receiver left on the trade market and a clear fit for the Atlanta Falcons. While Hopkins might not be the player he once was, when healthy he is still a dynamic contributor that would complete the Atlanta passing attack.

One of two things will happen with this move either Hopkins helps Ridder take the next step as a franchise quarterback or helps make it clear Desmond isn't the answer even with ideal targets. This leaves the Falcons searching for their next franchise quarterback while offering the ability to throw to a trio of Hopkins, London, and Pitts.

No matter your view on Ridder it is clear that Hopkins gives the Atlanta passing attack a far better chance than their current number two receiver (Mack Hollins) and would give the team a much-needed veteran presence.

Atlanta should be able to add Hopkins in exchange for a single-day two-pick considering his contract situation and Arizona clearly being ready to move on from the veteran.

Hopkins could also likely be added as a 4th rounder if the receiving team is willing to accept his immense salary over the next two seasons. Atlanta is hovering around $20 million in cap space leaving more than enough room to acquire the receiver and give them the ability to re-work the contract.