4 Best fits at receiver left for the Atlanta Falcons

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Odell Beckham Jr.
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2. Odell Beckham Jr.

The problem with this potential move remains the same as it has been since the last off-season. Odell is a superstar name with WR2 production. Which would the Falcons pay for if they attempted to sign Beckham? Realistically it is hard to see the veteran choosing Atlanta and an unproven quarterback like Desmond Ridder when more attractive suitors are out there.

However, the Falcons should at least find out what Odell's market is currently and if there is any possibility of a fit. Atlanta has been plagued the past two seasons by a lack of depth at receiver and clearly has failed to add a number two option behind Drake London.

If Atlanta were to sign Odell that is exactly the role Beckham would fill just as he did in the last season he was fully healthy for the Rams. With the toll, the injuries have taken Odell isn't the player he was in his early seasons with Eli Manning.

While he is still capable of impacting games consistently the veteran isn't the number one option many fans may view the receiver as. If the Falcons were to show any interest in Beckham it should be very cautiously and only because they don't believe there are better options.