4 Best moves of the Atlanta Falcons busy off-season

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1. Atlanta signing safety Jessie Bates

Watching the Bengals make deep playoff runs the past two seasons the story is obviously about Joe Burrow and the trio of star receivers. This is completely understandable and Burrow is clearly a top-five quarterback and accomplishing great things for what had seemed to be a cursed franchise over the last decade.

What is missed in this discussion is how great the Cincy defense was taking on Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen making life hard on two of the best offenses in the league. Bates was an integral part of the defense and will now be the cornerstone of the back end of Atlanta's secondary.

The Falcons paid heavily for Bates giving the star safety 4-years and $64.02 million. A deal that is market value and will prove well worth the heavy cost. Outside of A.J. Terrell Atlanta has spent far too long with issues in the secondary and Fontenot made big moves this off-season to fix the weak unit.

One that now has great depth at corner and three starting safety options and a late-round rookie that could be a great depth piece. Atlanta adding Bates was one of the move expensive moves of the off-season and remains one of the best decisions.