4 Best moves of the Atlanta Falcons busy off-season

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4. Atlanta drafting Bijan Robinson

This is a move after the draft and before I questioned due to the position concerns and having Tyler Allgeier already on the roster. However, that is a take that clearly isn't going to age well as Bijan Robinson is going to be a star and fit perfectly in Atlanta.

Bijan in Arthur Smith's offense has a real chance to be the rookie of the year with an elite ability as a receiver and running behind a great offensive line. It was fair to question the decision-making of a front office that already had Patterson and an 1,000 yard rusher on the roster. But looking closely at Robinson's fit with this team and how the running back has carried himself during his short tenure with the Falcons it is obvious Robinson was the right decision and any takes otherwise aren't goign to age well.

Part of what makes this move so impactful is how much easier it is going to make life for Desmond Ridder. Even if Ridder isn't any more than an above-average backup long term the Falcons should be able to win short term with this rushing attack and star pass catchers in Drake London and Kyle Pitts.