4 Biggest bargain Atlanta Falcons contracts in 2024

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1. Tyler Allgeier

Tyler Allgeier was an 1,000-yard rusher in his rookie season going far beyond expectations. While the Falcons opted to draft Bijan Robinson anyway the second-year back still had a huge impact. The duo will fit well together each bringing a different skill set to the table.

Allgeier will be around a $1-million dollar cap hit with a base salary of $985,000 which is an insane bargain. Avery Williams is currently scheduled as a higher cap hit than Allgeier. The back could be a starter but isn't even making backup money on his rookie deal. This is something the Falcons must take advantage of having him under contract for the next two seasons.

It would be surprising to see the Falcons invest in a second deal with what they have spent on Bijan Robinson. However, that is two years down the road and for now, Allgeier remains the biggest bargain on this roster.

You have a player that has proven capable of carrying a rushing attack making so little money. This is something Falcons fans should remember when Allgeier hits free agency and perhaps decides to cash in. It shouldn't be forgotten the seasons that Allgeier gives Atlanta playing for less than what he should.