4 Biggest bargain Atlanta Falcons contracts in 2024

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2. Matthew Bergeron

It is easy to overlook just how great Bergeron was as a starter for this offense. All of the attention was on the receivers not getting the ball and the poor quarterback play. Even if the offensive line was talked about Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary attract the most attention for very different reasons.

Bergeron was quietly great for Atlanta showing up and playing the guard position at a high level each week. It wasn't perfect but it was an impressive effort. Bergeron is scheduled to be a $2-million dollar cap hit with a $1.1 million dollar base salary.

Considering his level of play that is beyond a bargain for the Falcons. Look at what Chris Lindstrom is being paid or what the Carolina Panthers spent at guard this offseason. It is a position that is going up and the Falcons can take advantage of another rookie contract.

Bergeron is going to be difficult to keep if he continues to play at this level. The Falcons are already paying Jake Matthews, Kaleb McGary, and Chris Lindstrom top dollar. For now, however, Atlanta can focus on having one bargain to help offset these costs.