4 Biggest bargain Atlanta Falcons contracts in 2024

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3. Drake London

Drake London has a $985,000 base salary and a $5.1-million dollar cap hit. Players on Atlanta's roster with a higher base salary and cap hit include Darnell Mooney, Taylor Heinicke, and Kaden Elliss. For his talent, even a 1st round rookie contract has London extremely underpaid.

London has spent two seasons with Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder. That is the explanation for his lack of elite production. He is seemingly always open and able to go up and get the ball over the top of defenders.

This is going to be the season that Atlanta Falcons fans realize just how underpaid London has been. Kirk Cousins isn't afraid to let it fly and as we saw in Washington and Minnesota, he force-feeds his best targets. While Kyle Pitts is going to get his fair share as well expect London to be the primary option.

Kyle Pitts is an elite target but in the middle of dysfunction, it was Drake London who was the most consistent. Part of this was due to Kyle's injury and part of it speaks to the player that London has become. Give Kirk Cousins and Drake London one full season together and London's extension price is going to shoot up.