4 Biggest bargain Atlanta Falcons contracts in 2024

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4. Younghoe Koo

Younghoe Koo has a $5.2 million dollar cap hit with a $4-million base salary and it is still easy to make the case he is underpaid. Since 1938 only three kicks have a better career percentage than Younghoe Koo. Only one of those guys has been in the league longer and that is Baltimore Ravens kicker and future Hall of Famer Justin Tucker.

When someone spends so little time on the field it is easy to underestimate their impact. However, look around the league at the missed kicks and special teams issues each week. Out of the mess that has been the Atlanta Falcons roster, Koo has been the one consistent.

Fans could count on the kicker in the clutch knowing if the offense managed to get him in a position he would deliver. The one knock against Koo is he lacks the range of some of the league's elite kickers. Despite this, he is still top four in percentage all-time and this includes his rough start with the Chargers.

Atlanta has gotten little right over the last five years but Younghoe Koo is one of the few wins they have found. As long as he continues to play at this level he remains underpaid.