4 Biggest concerns for the Atlanta Falcons heading into the summer

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Kirk Cousins' health

Nothing good happens if you have an active quarterback debate happening in your locker room. The outside noise can serve as a distraction but it is the opinions and beliefs of the players that truly matter. Kirk Cousins needs to be healthy to start in week one and able to stay upright the rest of the season.

If Cousins isn't ready to go in week one the Falcons should consider starting Taylor Heinicke. Michael Penix Jr. is only this team's plan after they are done with Cousins' contract. The first clear escape comes in year three with the cap hit becoming manageable.

One of the most uncomfortable situations Atlanta could find themselves in is Cousins missing time and Penix starting. If both players are producing at an above average level there is going to be a quarterback debate. Atlanta wants to avoid this, keeping Cousins in the lineup and allowing Penix to sit back and learn the next two seasons.

Only a serious injury should change this, with Heinicke still being on the roster. Michael Penix Jr. is an exciting prospect that could divide the locker room and fanbase if forced into action this season. It is better for the team Cousins is ready to go in week one and doesn't miss extended time.