4 Biggest concerns for the Atlanta Falcons heading into the summer

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Who can Atlanta trust at corner?

Let's work under the assumption that A.J. Terrell is at his best and able to stay on the field this season. Even with this, who do you believe in on the depth chart after Terrell? Dee Alford has shown flashes but there are clear reasons for concern.

Mike Hughes is Atlanta's most experienced option but was a complete mess in the 2023 season. Whether it was returning kicks or as a defender few good things happened when Hughes was around the football.

Clark Phillips is a bit undersized but showed impressive development as a rookie. Of Atlanta's options Phillips is easily the most exciting. However, each corner presents clear concerns that could force them out of the lineup. There are a myriad of veteran corner options still on the market.

Atlanta needs to consider making a move at the position giving them the chance to find surprise depth. The cap is tight but would allow for 1-2 veteran additions over the summer. Those should be at corner and edge. Players remain on the market that would appear to upgrade both positions.