4 Biggest remaining questions for the Atlanta Falcons

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The four questions remaining for the Atlanta Falcons after the 2023 NFL Draft

There is no doubt that the Atlanta Falcons have significantly improved their team during the offseason. They were one of the most active teams during free agency, they made a couple of trades, and then capped it off with a nice draft class.

However, that doesn't mean there aren't questions remaining for this team, much like every other team in the league. There are questions about workload, personnel, and whether there will be improvements to certain areas of the team.

Here are four questions we all still have about the Atlanta Falcons in 2023.

Question No. 1: How much will the Atlanta Falcons passing attack improve and be relied on?

Following years of success in the passing game, the Atlanta Falcons had one of the worst passing attacks in the entire NFL this past year.

The question isn't whether they will improve but rather how much they will improve. Desmond Ridder is a better pure passer than Marcus Mariota, yet, there are still questions about whether they will take a significant leap. That will always be the question for an offense that doesn't have a proven quarterback.

Then the other aspect is how much will they be relied on? That is something we will have a wait a few months to answer.