4 Brilliant moves the Atlanta Falcons have made this offseason

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3. Atlanta Falcons continually stating their trust in QB Desmond Ridder (and backing it up) was brilliant

Desmond Ridder sat on the bench far too long for the Atlanta Falcons in 2023. Marcus Mariota struggled for weeks before the team pulled the trigger on their third-round pick. Things started out rocky for Ridder but he continually improved through his four starts.

The Falcons entered their offseason with a lot of outside noise about their quarterback position. The Falcons were initially noncommittal to anyone but that was likely due to their need to still go back and evaluate how he played. Soon after, they stated their trust in the young quarterback and never looked back.

What's more, they even backed it up with action. They signed Taylor Heinicke and made it clear he will be the backup, added some pieces around Ridder during free agency and with the trade for Jonnu Smith, and then capped it off by taking two impact offensive players with their first two draft picks.

Quarterbacks must have confidence and based on how the Atlanta Falcons have gone about their offseason, Desmond Ridder should have more than enough going forward.