4 First round draft fits the Atlanta Falcons can't ignore

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Jalen Carter
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1. Jalen Carter

If you're not taking a quarterback or Will Anderson why would a team choose to pass on Jalen Carter? Carter is clearly a top-five prospect and has an argument as the best non-quarterback with an elite ability to create havoc in the pocket as a pass rusher while stopping the run and pursuing plays well. Any concerns about Carter's poor pro day should be set aside in comparison to the game tape that tells you what Jalen will be at the next level.

While there are a lot of draft speculation and rumors floating around Carter it is unlikely Jalen is still on the board when Atlanta picks. However, if Carter is still on the board there isn't any questioning the move Atlanta should make. Adding Carter to a lineup that already has Grady Jarrett, David Onyemata, and Calais Campbell is the perfect setup for both sides.

It allows Carter an easy transition into the league with strong productive veterans he can rely on. From Atlanta's perspective you have a lot of your defensive line on short veteran deals with only Jarrett viewed as a clear long-term answer. Adding Carter fixes this problem and will go a long way in giving Atlanta a consistent pass rush they have lacked.