4 First round draft fits the Atlanta Falcons can't ignore

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2. C.J. Stroud

Stroud isn't falling in this draft barring complete ineptitude by the three teams in front of Atlanta clearly taking a quarterback at some point during the first round. The Falcons have made it clear they are building around Desmond Ridder and the second-year quarterback has shown signs of being a possible long-term answer.

Building around Ridder is the right move, however, if Stroud were to fall this should change despite the great signs from Ridder.

C.J. Stroud is the best quarterback in this draft with the clear size, durability, arm strength, and decision-making you want from your quarterback. It has to be smoke screens from teams attempting to influence the draft when it comes to the negative attention that Stroud has been given.

The quarterback should be off the board either to the Carolina Panthers or the Houston Texans long before Atlanta's number is called. If, however, this isn't the case the Falcons' plan should quickly change for a player who is clearly a franchise quarterback and would be a clear answer for Atlanta and not the question mark that Desmond Ridder still is. Sticking with Ridder was clearly the right decision but if the best prospect at quarterback falls Atlanta's choice is clear.